In recent years, rapid growth in the number of urban motor vehicles, bringing much convenience in the same time, there are some problems. An endless stream of illegal behavior of vehicles, traffic accidents occur frequently, the vehicle theft is not uncommon, to the city traffic management, public criminal investigation, pursuit, etc., causing some difficulties. In "to technology to police, to technology to efficiency" of today make full use of high-tech tools, development, and developed to curb traffic violations can be corrected, effective implementation of traffic management, improve the efficiency of transport of products was very necessary. Although there are similar products at home and abroad, but there are more or less inadequate. Most of the products to the domestic industrial computer + data acquisition card records the vehicle way illegal, although the prices, but poor stability, high failure rate. Foreign products relatively more stable, but the function of a single, expensive, not suitable for comprehensive promotion. At present, most of the high-end intelligent transportation products are imported.

For the above, Racomtel Communication Technology introduced the embedded integration  speeding capture device, video recorder through a red light, smart cards and smart mouth recorder to capture meter parking to accommodate the needs of different applications Traffic Police. Our products are integrated absorbed the advantages of domestic and foreign products, the use of all the embedded structure, the system is stable and reliable, powerful, easy installation, suitable for full promotion.System design also takes advantage of the industry in security monitoring technology, and intelligent security monitoring to achieve a perfect combination of traffic, the system's launch, the real liberation of police, to improve the efficiency of police officers, to achieve "police training" .