Racomtel Design DOCSIS Wireless Internet for  (ISP) in all Countries,Racomtel was founded by Richard Kwadwo Amo, Racomtel  systems are fast. In fact, our systems are multiple times faster than traditional methods of connecting to the Internet. Your customers will be able to experience all the Internet has to offer with the convenience of blazing speed.

What's more, our Internet solutions are optimized for use by many end-users and Internet service providers (ISP) hotels, condominium residents, and apartment tenants and also design for Countries.  Racomtel even includes long-term maintenance in our private broadband systems for Internet access.

Racomtel can help you provide a service that customers have come to expect. With Internet subscriptions steadily climbing, you can latch onto a revenue source that is predicted to grow for many years to come.

Racomtel also deliver Live streaming Video from any where in Accra(Ghana) to United States of America in Washington DC metropolitan area, so you can now watch your engagement ceremony any where in Washington DC Metro

Streaming video offers many important benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for racks of VCRs and the labor associated with transferring video tapes from one VCR to another.
  • Allows class notes to be stored in a server and streamed to dorm rooms or on an on-demand basis.
  • Enables important events to be streamed outside the campus live for no cost.

Cameras Installation

We also Design and Install Close Circuit Security Video Camera’s to monitor your office, Home and Warehouse 24/7and you can watch it Live from any where in the world to see what is going on.

MDU, MTU, Planned Communities and Hotels 
Residents of multiple dwelling communities are demanding a higher level of in-home amenities including cable TV and high speed Internet. To provide those services, property owners can rely on a powerful broadband network designed and integrated by Racomtel Communications In gated communities, apartment buildings, Hotel and condominium complexes, our rich broadband network lets you provide residents with tremendous CATV programming options and blazing Internet access speeds.

Tenants in commercial properties expect high speed Internet, too, and Racomtel can help you offer them access to video conferencing and streaming video as well. Looking for an additional revenue source? Build a video conferencing center that tenants can rent as needed.

Hotels, Resorts 
If your customers demand more selection, more speed, and more convenience from in-room video and Internet services, Racomtel has your answer.

In hotels and resorts, our rich broadband networks can help you keep your customers satisfied — and encourage more spending on premium in-room amenities.

Whether your organization is a for-profit enterprise or a non-profit association, owning the broadband network offers cost and control benefits over a leased or franchise cable system.

There are many reasons to partner with RACOMTEL:

  • Improve occupancy rates
  • Increase property values
  • Customize television programming
  • Include high-speed Internet
  • Invest in "future-proof" technology
  • Provide help desk support to end users, 24/7.
  • We Have Call Center Outsourcing

    Some of Our hospitality and clients include:

    Ghana Clients

    • Holiday Inn (Cocoanut Groove)
    • Ghana Standard Board
    • Sanaa Lodge
    • La Beach Hotel
    • Shangri-La
    • Takoradi Thermal Plant
    • Abosu Gold Mining
    • GIMPA
    • VRA
    • Unilever Ghana
    • Etc

    Some of Our Client in USA

    • Holiday Inn
    • Afinit Insurance
    • Rainbow Restaurant
    • My Pure Beauty Salon (Washington DC)
    • RCA Networks  (Chicago)
    • Jackie O’ Salon (Maryland)
    • Leisure World
    • Etc….

    Some of Our Client in Jamaica

    • Standard Bank
    • Marriott Hotel
    • Etc...

    We Provide help desk support (Call Center) Outsourcing