Monitor Your Home or Business From Anywhere in the World
With Your Cell Phone or Computer


Did you know.....
The simple visibility of security cameras is often enough to discourage theft and vandalism.

There is no question that modern technology has given us the tools to be safer and more secure, and you can now monitor your Home or business from anywhere in the world. Technology helps us achieve our goals and then safeguards what we have built. Lowering losses from theft, natural disasters and arson means you will maximize profits for your firm, so continuous monitoring of yourHome or business property is a direct route to a better bottom line.

A better way What you want is to be notified of "security events" that you define for the system, like door openings, windows and other unexpected motions when the business is supposed to be closed. You also need to "check in" from time to time, just to take "a gander in real-time" at what's happening at your business. Fortunately, there are now all-in-one systems that have everything you need - the cameras, the connections, the communications prowess - to safeguard your property and let you monitor your business from anywhere, via phone or PC.

You can be on a business trip in another country and still receive e-mail and cell phone alerts than can include clips of the latest video recorded. You can log into the system, also, to review previously recorded images. For added security in case of fires or tornadoes, some systems will forgo a local storage device, or use local storage in addition to backing all video up remotely at the service provider's central location



Video surveillance is a valuable asset for every type of business and homes– many businesses and Homes depend on it daily for protection.  Video surveillance systems can help protect employees and Family from potentially dangerous criminals.  With a surveillance system, there is no need for employees to attempt to confront or detain the criminal as the cameras will record physical evidence of the incident.  In addition, video surveillance systems can help deter and detect employee theft. The largest advantage of using Internet Protocol (IP) security cameras is their ability to be substantially customized to fit the needs of any business.  IP cameras are also easy to operate and maintain.

IP cameras have many other advantages, including: