Racomtel Car alarm technology

Racomtel has a vehicle tracking system, with a GPS capability which assists with finding the location of a stolen vehicle in real time. This will help with quick recovery of your car and can also result in the capture of the offender.  Our advanced car alarm system has a mobile capability which allows Racomtel and the car owner to exercise certain controls over the vehicles capability. These include immobilizing a moving vehicle, slowing down the vehicle, sending shock alarms, speaking through a microphone in car.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance
Remote Vehicle Slowdown
Remote Ignition Block


if your vehicle is stolen, Racomtel can use real-time GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and will work with authorities to help recover your vehicle quickly.

Remote door unlock

If you are locked out of your vehicle, one simple call to Racomtel will get you immediate help. We can send a remote signal to your vehicle to quickly unlock your doors and get you back on the road without much hassle.

Remote horn & Lights

Having trouble remembering where you parked your vehicle? Call a Racomtel Call Rep who can remotely sound your horn and flash your lights to help you locate your vehicle quickly.

Emergency Assistance

With just one push of a button, connect immediately to our Call Rep who can request emergency help to be sent to your exact location

·         Real time car monitoring by cell phone (latitude, longitude, speed and direction

·         * Subscription required. Apply for a SIM Card, activate GPRS, MMS & make sure Cell phone and GPRS are within our coverage area


Crash Response

In a crash, press the red button. If you're unable to respond, our Call Rep can request emergency help to be sent to your exact GPS location right away.

Roadside Assistance

If you need a tow, tire change or fuel, one push of your button immediately connects you to a Rep who can direct our roadside service or a service provider to your exact location.

Safety  Personal & Property
If you have to resort to using street parking late at night or live in an unsavory neighborhood or travelling to a remote or dangerous area? Then Racomtel’s car alarm acts as a theft deterrent and it’s also a great personal security aid. Parking and closing door reminders and the central locking system adds to protection of property.

Emergency Assistance
Connect with your loved ones during times of emergency such as accidents, hijacked, kidnapped, floods etc using our emergency help switch. One press of the red button will connect you to our rep and we can pass on information to your
Cars that end up stolen diminish productivity, can result in a loss of business opportunity and can necessitate costly replacement or retrieval costs.

Comfort & Convenience
Remote start your engine to ensure car is warmed up and comfortably suited to preferred temperature (no heat waves) before takeoff. You can also monitor your bonnet and release the trunk by remote or SMS.

Roadside Assistance
Need fuel, tire change or a tow, one press of your emergency button can connect you with our roadside assistance or other services.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting yourself and those who travel with you and sleep soundly as well. A car alarm is a precautionary measure but with immeasurable value. With the upsurge in arm robbery cases, you never know when you could be a victim of crime and whether an act will take place at a crucial point in your career or family life.