How does my alarm work?

Answer: Once your system is activated, each monitored zone will have the ability to recognize a violation, thus resulting in the triggering of an alarm.

Your Racomtel alarm is linked through your telephone line back to the Central Monitoring Centre (CMC). When a violated zone triggers an alarm, a signal is transmitted back to CMC for action.


What happens if I am using the telephone & the alarm is triggered?

Answer: If you are using the telephone line for internet access or having a conversation on the telephone, the triggered alarm will override your usage to transmit as urgent signal to CMC. Thus, you are assured that CMC will be able to respond to your alarm efficiently


Can the Racomtel alarm system be connected to my broadband, Cell phone or digital voice applications?

Answer: Yes. As your home security is our top most priority, we strongly recommend customers to consult Broadband before your broadband, Cell phone or digital voice installation. Our Customer Care Consultants will be glad to provide relevant details & appointments to ensure proper connection.

Please note that your home security system will not work in the event of power failure as modem does not have standby back-up power. The modem needs to be powered on at all times to allow active connection to CMC. For immediate notification


What happens to the alarm system if it has been vandalized, of if the power has been cut?

Answer: In the event of vandalism (eg. If your alarm panel is smashed or forcefully tampered), CMC will receive a signal that indicates your alarm has been tampered with. CMC treats such alarms with the same urgency as burglary alarms in anticipation of foul play.

If the power is cut, your system has a back-up battery pack of up to 24hours (depending on the type of alarm and the frequency of AC loss). AC power loss signals are also received & responded by CMC.


Why should I (or a key holder) be present at my premises when you activated the Police?

Answer: In order to safeguard your interest, the Police require your (or your key holders) presence to perform internal checks at your premises. Otherwise, they can only carry out perimeter checks - i.e outside your premises.

Alternatively, your can check with our Customer Care Consultants on Value Added Services - Key holding option for more details


What is the difference between the "AWAY" and the "STAY/HOME" mode?

Answer: the different alarm modes cater to the different status within the monitored premises. For example, arming your system in the "AWAY" mode while your are in your premises might result in false alarm since no movement is expected in the monitored zone at the moment of time.


Why does the motion sensor keep trigerring false alarms?

Answer: Motion sensors trigger alarms when they can detect movements in areas that are supposed to be static. if your motion sensor frequently triggers a false alarm, check if it is too near objects like wind chimes, hanging plants or curtains that move in the wind, in addition, if the device has been installed near a heater or furnace, it may also result in an alarm trigger.


Why does my system show signs of non-communication?

Answer: The most common cause of non-communication is due to the faulty telephone line that is connected to the control panel. Check that your telephone line is properly connected to the alarm panel, and that the line is active and in operating condition. If you find that the system still shows signs of "non-communication" when your telephone lines are working & connected properly, please contact us at 0302 928 771 /  026 722 6610 for immediate assistance.


Why does the alarm indicate that it is "not ready to arm"?

Answer: The system may not be armed when a door or window is not properly closed; if a motion sensor is detecting movement, or when a previous alarm has not been cleared from the memory.


What if I don’t have a traditional telephone line or landline can use Cell phone "?

Answer: Yes, you can used GSM phone system, if you don’t have a traditional phone line


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