Racomtel GPS/GPRS Fleet Management

Racomtel builds on the features that are available in the GO5 with a special focus on the needs of fleets, whether large or small. The GO4 hardware device adds the ability to track drivers for productivity and safety score carding, regardless of the asset they are driving. The device has 8 auxiliary inputs that can be used to help separate necessary PTO idling from unnecessary idle time. Additionally, the GO4 also has an expansion port that allows third party devices to be connected to the Racomtel GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking hardware device, such as a Garmin navigational device, mobile data terminals, and more.


Racomtel systems allow enterprise level fleet operators to use both real-time tracking and passive GPS/GPRS tracking systems in one fleet and get engine fault codes for preventive maintenance. These unique capabilities minimize real time tracking monthly fees to specific vehicles and reduces maintenance costs. Add in user security profiles, customizable reporting and a driver feedback buzzer and the Racomtel system supports the largest fleet operators.

Racomtel RAC 2000 tracking & navigation Device Above is a system integrates the advantages of traditional GPS and some bran-new characteristics. It provides the functions such as satellite navigation, tracking, orientation, antitheft monitoring, emergency alarm and remotely control for your beloved car, ship and other equipments, but also widely used for military measurement, large-scale construct measurement, accurate real time, motion base orientation, tailor-made timer and other high-tech peculiar field.

It includes three parts:

RAC2000T: Terminal

RAC2000C: Controller

RAC2000S: Software

Main Functions

Remote locating and tracking the vehicle by SMS
Remote real-time and set time tracking 
No monthly service charge to be paid
Can make calls to the preset phone for monitor the sound Inside Of the car remotely
SOS function to summon help to exact location/place
Remote control the vehicle by disable engine command
Over speed alarm available
Two user defined functions
Three authorized phone number for SOS alert
Back-up battery in unit and power disconnected alert
Monitor sound inside of the car remotely


*Fuel Milage report,Alarm Report,steer report ...etc..

*Route define, When Vehicle departure from route, Cause Alarm

* Remote Cut offoil/Power. show ACC satus,empty/full load

*Geo-fence Alarm, power alarm


Main Functions of Tracking Software

Send control command to remotely control the terminal vehicle via Terminal

    • Review the historical tracking record
    • Show the returned Latitude and Longitude information
    • Combine the geographical map to show the orientation of the terminal vehicle on a digital map