Highway CCTV Cameras

Racomtel Communications Design Highway CCTV cameras, A CCTV camera detects and identifies vehicles breaking the speed limit, traveling recklessly or in any way endangering other drivers.  bringing much convenience in the same time, there are some problems. An endless stream of illegal behavior of vehicles, traffic accidents occur frequently, the vehicle theft is not uncommon, to the city traffic management,


installing Closed Circuit Television cameras (CCTV) throughout the area as part of the development of Intelligent Transport Systems. The cameras provide valuable real time information on road and traffic conditionsand also trained operators at the Traffic Operations Centre, who monitor them 24 hours per day.

 Video images from the various camera sites are also broadcast on this web site as part of Traffic and Road Information.The images are updated at regular intervals to provide up-to-date visual information on traffic conditions covering the freeway system and other major roads. The CCTV network is constantly being expanded to provide wider coverage of the road network.