Racomtel knows that the best way to keep your Home or Office secure is with a monitored home security alarm system. We recommend the RACOM1 home security alarm system with monitoring service because it is the most affordable solution for every Ghanaian living in Townhouse, Single Family Home, Apartment or Compound House.

Standard Alarm Monitoring Fees
In addition to our exclusive offer, Racomtel has many different home security equipment packages and monitoring service options available, which vary in price depending on your specific needs. Please fill out the form on the right to get a free security quote today.

Alarm Monitoring Solutions
After you choose the home security system equipment that meets your needs, you will have several different types of monitoring solutions to choose from. Racomtel recognizes the need to provide flexible choices to meet today's changing communications technology and that's why we offer the following different types of home security monitoring: 
         > Standard Landline Connection 
           > Broadband High Speed Internet Connection 
           > Cellular Connection

Landline Connection Alarm Monitoring
Choose between standard landline monitoring which links your alarm system to our monitoring facility via a landline telephone connection. When the alarm is triggered, it uses your phone line to send a signal to our monitoring facility, which will respond accordingly depending on the nature of the emergency. The standard landline connection is the most affordable home security monitoring option available.

Broadband Connection Alarm Monitoring
Racomtel recognizes that many homes use VOIP and do not have a regular phone line. That's why we offer broadband monitoring service with the RACOM1 home security alarm system. The alarm system panel connects to an available port on your Internet router and notifies our monitoring facility of any problems through your broadband Internet connection. This service requires a special addition to the talking control panel, which results in a slightly higher monthly monitoring service fee that is usually an additional ¢3.00 per month.

Cellular Connection Alarm Monitoring
Racomtel also offers cellular monitoring, using the patented Uplink Cellular Technology. The cellular monitoring requires a special device for your talking control panel, which allows the panel to communicate via its own built-in cellular device to our monitoring facility. This does result in a higher monthly home security monitoring fee, which is usually an additional ¢8.00 per month. Please note that the cellular option does not use your cellular telephone and has its own dedicated device built into the control panel.