MEGA Light Enforcement

Racomtel has developed the next generation Traffic Cameras, the Racomtel Traffic Camera Digital version in two and 11 Mega Pixel design. These traffic cameras detect and register red light and speed offences using the unique RAC240 loop detector system. Day or night, the cameras automatically photograph vehicles driving through the red light and exceeding a pre-set threshold speed. These cameras can monitor up to 6(six) separate lanes of traffic. They are equipped with an RJ-45 connector to enable remote control by, for instance, a laptop.

The Traffic Camera combines digital color images with 1200 x 1600 resolution and data registration with the loop detector system. The offences will be saved on an exchangeable hard disk and if the required infrastructure is available they can also be downloaded with a any Bandwidth modem. Example 3G,DOCSIS,DLS or FIBER Optic etc..

The Camera offers a combination of 11 mega pixels and the full 12 bit dynamic range, with a resolution of 4008 x 2768 so the system delivers a superb image quality and clear contextual details. The camera enables easily exchangeable lenses for different traffic situations. Images can be viewed or downloaded via suitable fixed or wireless means of communications media.

flexibility of the digital Ulti Camera makes it equally suitable for use at signalled intersections for red light enforcement or simultaneous monitoring of red light and speed offences, as well as railway crossings and tunnels or for speed enforcement on motorways.

This advanced and flexible system may be both gantry mounted or installed at the roadside and uses a combination of digital cameras to capture violations over up to 6 (six)lanes of traffic, with digital colour images and optional video event recording if required.

RACOMTEL License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology for a fraction of what it costs to equip one patrol vehicle with a competitive LPR system.

You can upgrade your whole fleet of RACOMTEL MDV systems with LPR technology without purchasing any additional hardware. As Racom1 LPR is integrated with our MobileVid software, there is no need for the user to switch between video and LPR applications.

LPR will identify vehicles in real-time when they come into view of the forward-facing camera and/or optional side-facing camera. Without user intervention, the plate will be compared to a pre-loaded database of priority license plates. Any hits will alert the officer and can also automatically trigger the MDV to start recording - true integrated technology at work for you.

Additionally, updated priority lists are automatically pushed out to the LPR equipped vehicles using Racomtel's VidNet server. When a BOLO (Be-On-the-Look-Out) is issued, all LPR equipped vehicles can be updated on the fly.

Key Benefits for Law Enforcement:

Increased recovery of unpaid fines
Increased number of stolen vehicle recoveries
Increased number of arrests
Increased officer safety

We will provide an evaluation unit at no cost to you and if you would like to keep it, you may purchase it for half our retail price.