Biometric (Fingerprint) Time Clock is the perfect solution for any work environment. is the most effective way to stop employee time theft and avoid “Buddy Punching”. With fingerprint authentication employees clock in & out with the touch of a finger.


The RacomtelMultimedia Employees Time Clock is the latest second generation advanced multimedia product of Racomtel in 2008 that can be used in both Time Attendance and Access Control applications. High identification rate is less than one second; Linux operating system and ARM9 hardware platform; TFT 3.5 inches color LCD, showing personnel image, advertising and radio and so on; Inimitable and fancy design; Particular six kinds of shifts check on work accurate attendance advantageously. It is a kind of ideal product for high end consumption



The Racomtel Biometric Elite is our best seller.Equipped with an ethernet port & superior USB flash memory downloading capabilities making it our advanced edition payroll time & attendance system designed for small to large size businesses with up to 3000 employees. With the Racomtel Biometric state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology you can track your employee’s time and attendance with the touch of a finger. Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. The Racomtel Biometric Elite verifies an employee’s identity based on the characteristics of their fingerprint. State of the art technological advances in biometrics have now made this surprisingly affordable and popular. The Biometric Fingerprint reading sensor scans any fingerprint in under 1 second; this in turn will make clocking in and out much faster for your employees and at the same time saving your company time and money by paying your employees for the exact time they work. Your company will also reduce costly payroll and data entry errors caused by the old time card system.



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