Racomtel's Wireless Docsis Broadband"Triple Play" Systems:

This system is designed to provide Digital Video, Wireless Internet and IP telephony to a high number of subscribers. BWA-5000 system distributes carriers and multiple access systems, data systems including both broadband and digital TV in MPEG2 format, VOD (Video On Demand), IP data services, video conferencing and high-speed private networks.

MMDS (Microwave Multi-channel Distribution Systems) is a technology developed to broadcast multi-channel television from a point of origin called the Headend to a subscriber base within range of the transmitter tower. Each subscriber receives the television signals through a low-cost down-converter and decodes the signals via a set-top box. As a wireless alternative to Cable Television, MMDS has been able to provide the same services, and for that reason is also referred to as “Wireless Cable”.

MMDS was originally developed to broadcast 31 analog TV channels over a 186 MHz wide frequency band from 2.5 to 2.686 GHz, although Racomtel manufactures MMDS systems for operation at non-standard frequencies from 2.3 GHz to 30 GHz.

By setting aside at least one channel to broadcast digital data and a return channel to receive data from subscribers, MMDS systems can become integrated MMDS and Wireless Internet Systems (simultaneously brodcasting TV programs and providing wireless Internet connectivity).


Racomtel Design Wireless Broadband for countries and ISP Business In the World,
A True Wireless "Triple Play" Multimedia Platform

Racomtel offers the BWA-5000, the only wireless "triple play" broadband system designed to provide simultaneously Digital Video, Wireless IP, Voice over IP and broadband high-speed connectivity to a large number of subscribers. 

The system is a true multi-service platform that can transmit multiple carriers and multiple access systems, including shared bandwidth access systems as well as MPEG2 digital video, VOD (Video-on-Demand), wireless IP data, video conferencing and high-speed private networks.  The systems can accommodate MULTIPLE carriers, each only 6 MHz wide, EACH with a data transfer rate of 45 Mbps downstream and 15.6 Mbps upstream. 

BWA-5000: Broadband Wireless Access Platform

The BWA-5000 is a true multi-service platform that can handle multiple applications simultaneously. Each application is assigned to its own RF carrier and access system, whether it is dedicated bandwidth, bandwidth-on-demand, or shared-bandwidth. Typical applications include:

The BWA-5000 is made possible by Racomtel’s high-power broadband transceivers, with a downstream system capability of more than 15 carriers. By dedicating different carriers to different applications, the BWA-5000 can be optimized for practically any mix of customer requirements within a given area.

The system incorporates an integrated Network Management System (NMS) responsible for the overall management of the network. Features of the NMS include configuration management, software download capability, fault management, and security management functions.